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Private Sessions

CORE offers PRIVATE SESSIONS that are tailored to each individual and catered to your schedule. During your first session, your certified trainer will perform an assessment and get an understanding of your objectives, as well as introduce you to Pilates and fitness concepts and equipment.  Using the broad collection of state-of-the-art apparatus at our studio and hundreds of modifiable exercises, your trainer will continue to develop the most safe, effective, and personalized programming for your needs.  


PRIVATE GROUP SESSIONS also are available. Couples, friends, colleagues, teams, or any other small group can schedule to meet with a trainer who will offer individualized attention and instruction on any of the offerings at CORE.  This can be a one-time visit to acclimate to our equipment, or ongoing meetings that are tailored to the groups' schedule and fitness goals. 


For new clients wishing to take classes, but needing an introduction to Pilates and fitness principles and the equipment, we suggest an  INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE  that includes one private session, one equipment class, one non-equipment class, a pair of grip socks, and a welcome bag. 

Please contact the studio at 386.233.4885 to schedule an appointment. 

For pricing, visit the Policies/Pricing page of this site. 

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